The rules are simple:

  • Only junior economists are eligible to submit papers and to be editors - by junior we understand any researcher in economics without a tenured position.

  • One-to-two policy: each submitted paper is assigned two referees

  • There is no submission fee. However, by submitting a paper, an author agrees to referee two papers in the future. The author's name will be added to the list of JEPS Referees.

  • An author's failure to honour their commitments results in the author's removal from the list of JEPS referees and the exclusion from future submissions.

  • Acceptance policy: JEPS aims to host original contributions, that is papers that are complete and have both original and relevant content.

  • Authors may be asked to revise and resubmit at most twice if the paper's shortcomings can be mended with reasonable effort.

Copyright and Licensing Issues

  • By submitting a paper to JEPS, an author gives JEPS the non-exclusive right to make the paper available on-line.

  • This right may be withdrawn by the author. However, if the author chooses to withdraw the right from JEPS, they will be obliged to provide a valid reference of the paper.

  • JEPS does not charge any fees.

Now you are ready to submit!