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Organisational Body

  • Editors

    Editors are in charge of both editorial work and the day-to-day running of the working paper series.

    Board of Editors

    • Thomas Gall, Bonn University

    • Andrey V. Ivanov, Mannheim University

    • Jürgen Maurer, MEA, Mannheim University

    • Elisabeth Schulte, Mannheim University

  • Supporting Members

    Supporting members of JEPS are researchers who provide non-obligatory refereeing, technical support or promotion.

    Board of Supporting Members

    • Faisal Abbas, ZEF Bonn

    • Patrick Beschorner, ZEW Mannheim

    • Katrin Cremers, ZEW Mannheim

    • Tri Vi Dang, Mannheim University

    • Robert Dur, Tinbergen Institute, Rotterdam University

    • Mike Felgenhauer, Mannheim University

    • Berthold Haag, Mannheim University

    • Peter Haan, DIW Berlin

    • Esteban Jaimovich, University College London

    • Tina Kao, Australian Centre of Regulatory Economics (ACORE), ANU

    • Tobi Klein, Mannheim University

    • Fred Kei-tat Ku, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    • Ulf von Lilienberg-Toal, Frankfurt University

    • Paolo Masella, London School of Economics

    • Wolfram Merzyn, University of Bonn

    • Elisabeth Müller, ZEW Mannheim

    • Florian Müller, Mannheim University

    • Hannes Müller, London School of Economics

    • Iris Pang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    • Matthias Parey, University College London

    • Jan Schnellenbach, Marburg University

    • Andreas Üthemann, University College London

    • Robert Völter, Frankfurt University

    • Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, Free University Amsterdam

    • Marie Waller, Mannheim University

    • Jason Wu, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Institutional Supporters

JEPS thanks the following institution for financial and technical support.

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